Steel Building Styles

‘A’ Style Steel Buildings


These steel buildings have a more conventional appearance and are available in sizes that range from 16′ to 40′ plus wide. ‘A’ style buildings have straight sides and a peaked roof and are fully customizable both inside and out for your building’s functional needs and appearance.

Whether you are looking for a solution for storage such as a backyard garage, tool shed, car garage, or even a boat or RV garage, this ‘A’ style is always a fantastic choice.

Our customers have also used ‘A’ style steel buildings for economical and highly functional woodworking, mechanic or hobby shops.

‘S’ Style Steel Buildings


The benefits of ‘S’ style steel buildings are based on their size and flexibility, which allows for many applications from a steel home, cottage or studio to a storage facility for larger equipment such as transport trucks or tractors.

These steel buildings have straight walls and a clear span arch roof. Sizing can range from 10′ to 75′ wide with varied center heights depending on your specifications.

‘X’ Style Steel Building


Dreaming of opening your own shop? Look no further. ‘X’ style steel buildings offer an economical option for several small business applications including trade shops, boat shops, studios and garages to automobile dealerships, mechanic repair shops, industrial shops and even retail stores. Let us know what you have in mind and we can assist with setting you up with the right steel building to start or expand your business.

‘X’ style steel buildings feature sloped walls and a peaked roof and are available in standard sizes ranging from 20′ to 60′ wide with a variable center height.

‘Q’ Style Steel Building


One of the oldest and most tried and true easy building designs, Q Style Buildings feature a single radius, clear span arch. Most commonly used as barns, arenas, and air plane hangars, they can exceed heights of 60′ tall and wider than 120′ while the length of the building is only limited by your property line. Regardless of size, a Q Style building still keeps DIY in mind and comes with the same 30 year warranty as our entire line up of steel buildings.

‘Carport’ Style Steel Building


The most affordable solution when looking to protect your vehicle from the elements, Car Ports are designed in all sizes to accommodate vehicles from small cars and ATV’s all the way up to RV’s and buses. A car port is as easy to install in a tight space as it is in a wide open one, regardless of your skill level. If you are tired of cleaning snow of your car in the winter, and jumping into a hot car in the summer we have your answer.

‘Roofing Shelter’ Style Steel Building


Ideal for residential and commercial applications, easy to install Shelter Roofing is great for covering a deck or protecting your large equipment from the weather. Entirely customizable, our roofing systems are sure to match your decor and style, and with our 30 year warranty your structure is guaranteed to last while looking good.

‘Straight Wall’ Style Steel Building

straight wall

If you are looking for large storage space or require ample room for a custom workshop or facility, a straight wall building is your answer. The straight wall design provides you with the ample floor-to-ceiling space that an arch style building lacks. Ideal for full size commercial buildings, barns, and residential applications, these buildings still keep DIY in mind ensuring that application is as simple as any of our other kits.

‘Steel Garage’ Style Steel Building

Garage Hero Shot

A garage is the number one choice for protecting your cars, trucks, boats, or recreational vehicles, they’re also a great option when looking to double your storage space. A DIY Steel Building Kit is easy to assemble ensuring that you’re building will be up quickly and efficiently. Our Steel Buildings come with a 30 year guarantee against rust and are certified for your location. Customizable in a variety of styles and sizes we have a steel garage to suit your every need.

‘Repair Shop’ Style Steel Building

Small Business Hero

You need space indoors to complete your projects and you can’t waste time paying a contractor to build something for you. That’s why we provide you with kits ideal for Do-It-Yourselfers like you that can construct their own shop space within a weekend. We can customize a shop to provide you with the space you need to work and the security to store your tools and equipment. Ideal for automotive repair facilities or general shop space, our DIY Steel Buildings come with a 30 year warranty to ensure you can keep working.