Why Steel Is The Best Choice For Your Next Building

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Steel Building: The Economical Option
Constructing a building from scratch is no cheap affair, but choosing steel can save money in several ways. First off, the material itself is very inexpensive and tends to stay that way regardless of economic conditions. Buildings made of steel can also be constructed in much less time than traditional structures, offering a huge reduction in labor costs. Finally, steel structures are less vulnerable to mold, mildew, and termites. While it does not provide 100% protection from these things, they will have a much harder time taking root in a building primarily constructed of steel. This means a reduced chance of requiring an expensive extermination job.

An Environmentally Conscious Choice
More and more companies are trying to “go green” these days. Opting for a building made of steel is an excellent way to stay in step with current trends and reduce the environmental impact of construction. The benefits begin even before the foundation is laid. Data shows that producing steel uses far less energy than producing construction-ready lumber and concrete. Many steel structures make use of recycled steel. Should the building ever be demolished, the steel pieces will simply be recycled again; no need to take mounds of wood and concrete to the landfill. Constructing your building from steel is truly an eco-friendly decision from start to finish.

A Modular Construction Method
Yet another advantage of steel construction is the ability to modify the building. Adding on to the building can be accomplished by simply removing a portion of the steel wall, constructing the new addition, and rebuilding the edges. New windows or doors can easily be installed by cutting out a section of the wall and installing the frame. Some of the smaller prefabricated steel structures can even be disassembled and rebuilt in a new location. Doing these things on a traditional structure would be costly and labor-intensive, if they are possible at all.

Myths and Misconceptions
Most people believe that steel structures are only suitable for use as industrial storage buildings. Steel structures are frequently constructed for industrial purposes, but this is not their only use. Many people have constructed beautiful homes from prefabricated steel. They can also serve as garages, garden sheds, or a variety of other residential and commercial buildings.

Others have an image of steel structures as flimsy shacks made of cheap sheet metal. The truth is that steel structures are quite sturdy; many of them have been standing for decades and show no signs of wear. The ridged metal used on steel structures provides long-lasting durability. The physical properties of steel mean that the beams will not sag or deform over time.

Lastly, there is a misconception that steel buildings are freezing cold in the winter and sweltering hot in the summer. This may be the case with a structure made only of a single layer of stamped metal, but it is very easy to install insulation and HVAC fixtures on a steel building. In addition, the reflective paint used on many steel roofs actually deflects sunlight on hot days, keeping the inside of the building cooler.

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